Festivals of North East India

Listed below some of the major festivals of North East India. Book today and be a part of love, joy, culture and unique festivals of the region.

Losar Festival Arunachal Pradesh

“Losar” – Festival In Arunachal Pradesh

Losar is a Tibetan Buddhism popular festival widely celebrated in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. It has been celebrated on the first day of lunar calender every year.

Celebrated in the month of February”.

Saga Dawa Festival Sikkim

“Saga Dawa” – Festival In Sikkim

Saga Dawa is another Tibetan Buddhism’s popular festival celebrated when the star of saga appears in the sky. This festival is celebrated in the fourth month Tibetan calender every year.

Festival starts in the month of June.

Ambubachi Mela Assam

“Ambubachi Mela” – Festival In Assam

Ambubachi Mela is one of the most popular hindu festival held at Kamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. This festival is also known as Ambubasi festival. Devotees gather from around the world to celebrate every year.

Celebrated in the month of June.

Zero Festival of Music Arunachal Pradesh

“Zero Festival” – Festival In Arunachal Pradesh

Zero Festival is also known as “Zero Festival of Music” is an outdoor music festival held in Zero Valley of Arunachal Pradesh. This is one of the most happening festival in the region for music lovers, showcasing national and international musicians during the festival.

Celebrated in the month of September.

Moatsu Mong Festival Nagaland

“Moatsu Mong” – Festival In Nagaland

“Moatsu Mong” is major festival celebrated by Ao Naga Tribe of Nagaland. This festival is being celebrated 1st May of every year and lasts upto 6 days.

Celebrated in the month of May.

Anthurium Festival Mizoram

“Anthurium” – Festival In Mizoram

“Anthurium” is one of the major festival celebrated widely in state of Mizoram, India. An important festival for the state to promote tourism in the state and is being organized annually by Mizoram govt.

Celebrated in the month of September.

Sangai Festival Manipur

“Sangai Festival” – Festival In Manipur

“Sangai Festival” is a popular cultural festival organized annually by Manipur State Tourism Department. National and international participants can been seen during this festival.

Celebrated between 21st to 30th November.

Rongali Bihu Assam

“Bohag/Rongali Bihu” – Festival In Assam

“Bohag or Rongali Bihu” is a major festival widely celebrated by people of Assam. A celebration of the beginning of Assamese New Year.

Celebration starts on 14th April till 7 days.

Hornbill Festival Nagaland

“Hornbill Festival” – Festival In Nagaland

“Hornbill Festival” also known as “Festival of Festivals” is a major festival held in Kohima, Nagaland organized by Nagaland State Art & Culture. Participants can be seen from national and international artists.

Celebrated between 1st to 10th December.

Losoong Festival Sikkim

“Losoong” – Festival In Sikkim

“Losoong” also known as “Sonam Losoong” is the new year of Bhutia people of Sikkim and is the biggest festival in the state. This festival is being celebrated in the month of December every year.

Celebrated in December.

Chapchar Kut Mizoram

“Chapchar Kut” – Festival In Mizoram

“Chapchar Kut” is the popular and biggest colorful spring festival of the state. The celebration of this festival lasts for a week.

Celebrated in March.

Wangala Festival Meghalaya

“Wangala” – Festival In Meghalaya

“Wangala” is a harvest festival and the second largest festival in Meghalaya celebrated by the Garo Tribe of the state. People give thanks to Misi Saljong and the sun god for blessing with a rich harvest.

Celebrated in November.

Kang Chingba Manipur

“Kang Chingba” – Festival In Manipur

“Kang Chingba” a manipuri festival also known as “Rath Yatra” is a ten days  festival celebrated every year on second day Ingen of Manipuri lunar month which falls between June and July.

Celebrated in between June & July.

Dwijing Festival Assam

“Dwijing Festival” – Festival In Assam

“Dwijing Festival” is an annual river festival celebrated on the bank of river Aie organized by Assam Tourism Department.

Celebrated in between December & January.

Neermahal Festival Tripura

“Neermahal” – Festival In Tripura

“Neermahal Festival” also known as “Neermahal Water Festival” is an annual festival observed 3 days.

Celebrated in August & December.

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