Best North East India Tour Packages

Embarking on a journey of India’s remote eight states of North East is a tumultuous but rewarding one. Kamakshi Tours in Guwahati has suggested some of the best tour packages for north east India.Explore the avian life,the history of its people and variety of ethnic communities and their rich heritage of ancient traditions-all make it a holiday wonderland.Discovering the North East states of India, including Sikkim in eastern Himalayas, is a challenge-yet romantic adventure in the best tradition of Travel and discovery.

Destination Assam Feature Image

Assam – “The Treasure House of Nature and Culture”

Destination Meghalaya Feature Image

Meghalaya – “Many Hues of Nature”

Destination Arunachal Pradesh Feature Image

Arunachal – “The Land of Dawn-lit Mountains”

Destination Manipur Feature Image

Manipur – “The Little Paradise of North East India”

Destination Mizoram Feature Image

Mizoram – “Songbird of the North East”

Destination Nagaland Feature Image

Nagaland – Land of Myths And Festivals

Destination Sikkim Feature Image

Sikkim – Where Nature Smiles

Destination Tripura Feature Image

Tripura – “The Princely state of North East India”

Destination Bhutan Feature Image